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It all began with a dream...

A literal dream. Five dreams actually! No, not five different dreams but the same exact dream five times! I believe the Father wanted it to stick with me as the reality did not come to pass for many years.

I didn’t have many dreams growing up that I can recall but I had some significant ones, very memorable ones. This was one of them. The first of five.

Looking back, I was a sort of Joseph. As a dreamer, that is. The first of these five dreams was during my first year at boarding school. I was ten years old and the farthest I had been away from my family and comfort for the first time. It was a few months into the school year when I had the first dream.

In this dream, I remember heading to an open field by the school’s entrance, and I saw God. Yes, God Almighty! His head was in the clouds so I didn’t get to see that part but I KNEW it was God!

I jumped on Him and He so welcomed me with open arms. As a child who was really physically playful, I soon found myself playing with God. The surprising thing was that He was playing with me as well. He tickled me and I gleefully laughed. This went on for quite a while in the dream. It was the best time I could ever remember having.

I laughed so hard that my chest was heaving very visible as though I had just completed an intense workout. The Father was laughing too, so much so that His laughter made me laugh more! His pleasure was evident and so vibrant, my joy truly was immeasurable.

It took some time of thoroughly enjoying myself, what probably felt like hours, before I realized that I was the only one enjoying this. My schoolmates, over 2,000 of them, were all elsewhere and not aware of my experience.

I hate to admit my selfishness even in my dream but I believe there’s even a lesson in that. I eventually realized that I needed to get everyone else out there to experience what I had been solely enjoying because it was beyond words. 

I ran throughout the school and gathered everyone who was interested, and they ran with me to the Father to enjoy what I had been enjoying. 

Now, my joy was multiplied. I could hear the laughter of many girls and the Father’s as well. I didn’t realize but deep inside of my child’s heart, I had been fearful that my joy would be diminished because the experience was now shared. 

What I experienced though was more than I could describe. The Father was full of love and joy, and there was more than enough for all to experience. My joy was fuller, if it were possible to quantify.

That was it. That was the dream or the clip of it that I remember. But I had the same dream again almost once yearly until I graduated.

Eighth grade was tough and I didn’t dream about the same scene. However, the same dream was given to me during my ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Once a year, I was reminded of the joy of experiencing the Father and the multiplication sharing this experience would bring.

Abba's Daughter

Fast forward quite a few years. A few experiences, pleasant and some with tears. College, music, grad school, leading worship, marriage, children, births, deaths, work, unemployment, businesses, bible college, homeschooling, working again…and here we are. Abba’s Daughter is the reality of the dreams that the Father wanted cemented so deep in me that I could not forget it.

I have tried many things, some successfully and others not so much, but the one constant source of joy and perfection in my life is God! Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and my most present helper, Holy Spirit. My joy is full. But every time I share Jesus with someone, every time I get the privilege to pray with a sister, every time I can spin and dance in worship, for every moment I sing my heart out to the Father, my joy is multiplied even more.

God has been so good to me. His best gift to me though is what I get to experience as His daughter, His girl. My identity in who He has made me and how I get to enjoy our fellowship together, whether through His word, prayer, worship, or communion have become the foundation of who I am.

Abba’s Daughter! 

Romans 8:15

For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading again to fear [of God's judgement], but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons [the Spirit producing sonship] by which we [joyfully] cry, "Abba! Father!"

Your Life as His Daughter

The most exciting thing I have learnt however, is that my experience isn’t unique and it’s not meant to be singular. God wants YOU to experience an authentic, bold, and vibrant life in Him. There is enough room at the Father’s feet for us all to experience such joy and His eternal love.

He wants to be known by you and to be involved in all that you are. He wants to be in your mess and be your joy. I am confident that God wants the same for you. He wants to be that Father who fills every void because He alone can.

Jesus was the firstborn of the Father, and He demonstrated this kind of relationship with God. It was so dramatic that the people listened because He taught as someone with authority, and unlike anyone they had witnessed.

Romans 8:16 tells us that the Spirit of God within us testifies and confirms within our spirits that we as believers are God’s children. Children have a special place that begins long before they are able to do anything more than barely exist. It’s an unconditional love from our Maker that exists even before we are born.

Jesus lived as He saw the Father living. He did what He saw the Father do. He lived so identically to His Father that He declared that you had seen the Father when you saw Him! Wow! We as believers are privileged to an experiential knowledge of God as Father, that can and will transform our lives when we let the word of God renew our minds.

I am doubly blessed in that I had an amazing dad who demonstrated what human love could be at its best. If an imperfect, human father could love his child that much, how much more would your Heavenly Father, who formed you, love you? 

There’s more to experience and so much more that God has for you if you will relate to Him as Father and accept His offer to be His child, through faith in Jesus!

I pray that you will join me as we explore the Bible, talk and walk with Abba, and be made whole in His presence continually. So contact us, send an email, join a Bible study, or just comment below on what being Abba’s Daughter means to you today.

Much love,


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