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My dad was my first love and I am proud to say, I am a Daddy’s girl. 

I was blessed to experience the unconditional love of my dad, and my confidence grew and flourished in the consistency of that love.

Because my dad believed in me, I believed in me. He taught me that I could accomplish anything I wanted and worked hard for, and I did. I worked to live excellently because it pleased him and that joy and pleasure he felt delighted me as well. I loved who I was because he already did. I took chances in life because I knew he had my back. And guess what, I succeeded (for the most part).

Of course, life had it’s trials but the greatest challenge of my life was losing him. Dad died, earlier than I could have ever planned, and I had to live on.

Though rocky and painful, I was able to emerge triumphantly because there was another relationship that mattered even more that I had developed as I grew. I had learned even before losing my dad about another Father, a far superior one, who cared for me even more than my imperfect dad did. 

My dad’s love for me had only been a basis of my understanding of what a father’s love could be, and when I learnt about our Heavenly Father, I longed for the kind of intimacy and relationship that I had shared with Dad. 

I craved a deeper relationship with God, the Father-Child relationship that Jesus revealed, but I wasn’t seeing that in His disciples around me. He summoned. I answered. He drew me closer. He satisfied my craving and has never stopped. 

Through my journey with God, he put a passion for living for Him in me and Abba’s Daughter was birth from there. Click below to learn more about the origins of the ministry.

About Abba's Daughter

A Very Present Father

Do you know that eternal life is actually a lot less about living forever than it is about living in the knowledge of who God the Father, and Jesus Christ are through the Holy Spirit? That came as a surprise to me when I first started meditating on John 17:3.

Maybe you were taught that eternity was about getting way from the pain and sin in the world, and someday when you are hopefully grey and old, you would begin to live with the God in heaven where all of our tears will be wiped away. Now, that is true but that is only a far-sighted view of what eternity is. 

God wants to be known by you now. Today. He wants to be present in your life now and always. It’s through that knowledge of God that you get to live an abundant and effective life right now, one that prepares and assures you of a forever with Him.

Click below to learn more about what Abba’s Daughter Ministries is all about and how we can help support you on this journey to eternity.

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